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Who needs a State Tax Resale Certificate?


New Texas businesses are required to apply for a Texas Sales and Use Tax Certificate when they are purchasing and selling taxable items or services. To collect Texas sales tax, you must have a Texas resale certificate (also called Texas reseller certificate or Sales Tax ID Number), which you get by submitting a Texas Sales and use Tax permit application. The simplest question to ask yourself is whether you will purchase items and resell them. Whether the item is eggs to sell food or books to sell off a shelf or any one of a million other items, the answer is yes,  you will need a Texas Tax ID, which is on your Tax resale certificate.




GOODS: Items purchase with an intent to resell require a Texas sales tax permit application. You buy items from your suppliers without paying them tax, and then collect tax from your customers when you sell your goods, and report and pay those amounts to the State of Texas. Your suppliers will require you to provide them with a copy of your reseller permit to allow them to sell you the goods without charging you tax. Your Texas Resale Certificate will also allow you to open accounts with distributors, vendors, or wholesalers.


SERVICES: Whether you offer Data processing services, Lawn Care services, Debt collection services, Laundry services, personal services, Security services or many many other services, Texas requires you to register for a State Resale Certificate (also called a Texas Resale Permit) to be able to legally collect and pay taxes.

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FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT - Disclosure of your Social Security number is required and authorized under law, for the purpose of tax administration and identification of any individual affected by applicable law, 42 U.S.C. §405(c)(2)(C)(i); Tex. Govt. Code §§403.011 and 403.078. Release of information on this form in response to a public information request will be governed by the Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Government Code, and applicable federal law.


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Tax FAQs

Uncategorized FAQ

  • Do I need a Tax Resale Certificate?
    A Resale certificate, also called a seller's permit, is required for most businesses selling goods and services in the State of Texas.  Permit holders can also purchase items free of sales tax for resale to their customers.  It also can help you qualify for wholesale pricing discounts from your suppliers  
  • What Information will I require to apply?
    Social Security Number, Texas Secretary of State file number,Driver's license number, and information about the owner, and the business location and type of business.
  • Is a Tax Resale Certificate the same as a Reseller Permit
    All of the terms used for the same thing can be confusing.  Tax Resale Certificate, Reseller Permit, Wholesale Tax Certificate, Wholesale Permit, and many other terms all describe the same thing.  The Tax Certificate allows you to collect and remit taxes to the State of Texas, and it also allows you to prove to wholesale suppliers that they do not need to charge you sales tax for items you intend to resell, because you will sell it and collect the taxes at that point.  This also often means that the wholesale seller will give you a discount as a business to business sale, to encourage you to buy more from them.