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Please watch your email for any follow-up and for your new EIN number.  For any questions, please email


You will receive your EIN within 1-2 business days of your submission via email.


If there are any processing issues, you will be notified.  Under some circumstances, for example, if the same responsible party has filed online previously, your application will take an additional 7-10 days because it must be processed via a different system.


  • Do I require a Social Security Number to apply for a new EIN?

    To apply for an EIN/Tax ID you must have a Social Security number or Indiviual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).    ITINs are issued to individuals who must have a US Taxpayer identification number but who do not qualify to obtain a Social Security number.
    The only way to apply without a Social Security number or ITIN is if you arer listing an existing business with an existing EIN as the responsible party of the new EIN.

  • I was married / divorced or otherwise changed my name, which name should I apply with?

    When you update your name with the Social Security Administration, it takes 2-3 weeks for this to be reflected in the IRS.  You may use your previous name or you can wait until the new name has been updated within the IRS to process your application.

  • What is the application process?

    The application is very simple and is all online.  You should be able to complete it in 5 minutes as long as you have the information handy about your business.  The form and all the information entered is secure and protected by 256 bit SSL security.

  • What is a Reference 101 error and what does it mean?

    A Reference 101 error is a general IRS error and is very common.  It does not reflect on your ability to get an EIN number or your application.  An example of an error is that you have previously applied for an EIN online, and therefore we must take additional steps to process your application to obtain your EIN from the IRS, which can take 7-10 days for the IRS to process your EIN number.

  • Do I need to wait to use my EIN / Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN) until after I receive the letter from the IRS?

    No.  As soon as you receive the Tax ID / EIN you can begin to use it immediately for most business needs.  It can take as long as 2 weeks for the number to be updated in all IRS systems.  Some banks require additional information and documentation to open a bank account.  That process is up to each bank to set.

  • When will I get the official letter from the IRS with my EIN / Tax ID Number?

    It can take as long as 4 weeks to receive the official letter from the IRS containing the paperwork for your EIN.  Some banks may require this document to open a bank account, but most times you will be able to use the Tax ID number for most business purposes without the paperwork, and with just the number itself.

  • Can I cancel my EIN once it has been assigned?

    You will need to write a letter to the IRS using the address where your entity is supposed to file its taxes, which varies state to state.  It must be signed by the Principal Partner, Managing Member of the entity that was formed.

  • How do I make changes to my EIN after it was assigned?

    Certain changes can be made after your EIN / Tax ID is assigned.  You will need to do this by calling the IRS / EIN line for changes at 1-800-829-4933.  These changes include fixing the business name, business address, or the date that the busines started.  You may be required to hand write a letter to the IRS describing the required changes, and you will be directed by the IRS staff on the steps you must take.

  • Will I ever need to apply for a new EIN for the same business?

    Businesses which change entity structure will need to file for a new EIN.  For example, if you start off as a Sole Proprietorship, and get an EIN, then switch to a Partnership, you will need a new EIN.  Later, if your partnership becomes a corporation, you will need a new EIN again.  Even if you keep the same business name and DBA, when you change corporate structure, you will need a new EIN.  If you don’t change structure, your organization will keep the same EIN for the life of the organization.

  • How quickly will I get my EIN?

    It can take up to 2 weeks for the EIN to become part of the IRS’ permanent records, and available for all purposes, which can impact your ability to use the EIN during that period.  You will receive your EIN within 1-2 business days.