TEXAS Resale Certificate Application


Small business is the lifeblood of strong communities.  As our country deals with the economic shock of Covid-19, and the resulting job loss, communities around the country are dealing with the fallout of lost jobs, and the incomes they represent.  This leads to housing and food insecurity, and destabilized communities.  Homebuyers Alliance Organization (a 501c3 Federally Recognized Charitable Non-profit organization), the organization behind this initiative, is developing educational outreach programs to help stem the tide of job loss to help Americans find their way back to the American Dream which includes fulfilling and rewarding  work which allows the worker to pay their bills and save for a home.

Small business growth is the fastest way to create good paying local jobs in communities around the country, uplifting marginalized communities of color, and democratizing the American Dream for all to participate in.  We are working to encourage more dreamers to step forward, and doing a small part to help them stand up and be counted at part of the job creators of this great country of ours.

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